Work in Vietnam

Vietnam has an emerging economy and is one of the “rising stars” in overseas destinations, and as a developing economy, the opportunities and possibilities here are bountiful. Having just recently opened its doors to chiropractic care, this provides a wonderful opportunity for chiropractors brave and adventurous enough to take advantage of the chance to provide alternative healthcare and wellness to a nation craving for something new.

Business in Vietnam is quite remarkable and fast-moving, and it will continue to grow as a strong force in Asia in the years to come, and the same can be said about the practice of chiropractic in the country and in the region. As Vietnam steadily grows, so will the practice and so will any chiropractor bold enough to take the challenge.

Be at the forefront of Chiropractic in Vietnam and take this opportunity as a chance to learn, gain valuable experience, as well as enhance your personal and professional growth.

Like many Asian Nations, Vietnam is a wonderful hotspot of food, culture, architecture, and the people are very friendly and welcoming to visitors. Modern cities and traditional ways of life coexist in the aftermath of a medley of ups and downs in Vietnam’s history and those who come and visit are drawn back time and again.

Vietnam is a safe work and travel destination and is one of the few destinations that encompass incredible scenery, pristine beaches, deep and heroic history, great food and all the while also having the convenience and comfort when living in their metropolitan cities.

Then there is the Coffee, caffeinate up with one of the best coffee in the world. Vietnam is the 2nd leading producer of coffee worldwide and this stuff is excellent – fresh, strong, rich, and grown in nearby coffee plantations. Enjoy a cup of black coffee or iced coffee with condensed milk and just watch life go on by on a corner of the street.

According to a newly published rankings, Vietnam is one of the top countries with the most inexpensive cost of living for foreigners compared to other countries in the world. A chiropractor living and working in Vietnam will typically earn around 20,100,000 VND per month, as salaries range from 10,200,000 VND (lowest) to 30,900,000 VND (highest). Vietnam simply has a comparatively low cost of living, and one can live a very comfortable life here with a moderate expenditure.

While the beauty of nature is definitely one of the major reasons to go visit and work in Vietnam, as well as the local people, their unique culture, great food and comparatively low cost of living. If you do come to Vietnam, you can both travel and work and it promises to be a very enjoyable experience.

Home to 100 million people, including almost 100,000 expats, Vietnam is attracting foreign families like never before thanks to having one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. Communities are flourishing and the need for services such as wellness and healthcare also continues to grow.

Most people who visit Vietnam highlight their deep impression of the friendliness and hospitality of Vietnamese people. According to them, Vietnam really has a precious treasure: its people. You are warmly welcomed by local people from the North all the way to the South, whether or not you are familiar with them.

When working in Vietnam, you will find that the work environment is quite similar to many other Asian countries. The Vietnamese have a healthy work ethic and are generally hard working and very industrious.

Vietnamese people are incredibly welcoming to foreigners. They recognize that having foreigners is a win-win situation, since expats bring experience which is helping their country’s development and economic growth. They are very accommodating and forgiving, and those who can speak english are very welcoming and will want you to stay in their country forever.



Be the principal treating chiropractor in our clinic. Facilities are well located for easy community access and staffed with trained professional bilingual personnel. The clinic set up is for a subluxation-based and Physical Therapy practice so it is very helpful for the chiropractor to be familiar with a variety of techniques like Gonstead, Diversified, SOT, Cox, Activator and other valid methods, as well as rehabilitation and experience with scoliosis is a big plus. The clinic is equipped with Elite drop tables, of which one has the flexion-distraction feature and full Physiotherapy equipment staffed with PTs.

A minimum of three years of “recent practice” experience is required to apply. Vietnam requires a Chiropractic Diploma and valid passport but additionally requires all documents translated in Vietnamese and “red ribbon” certification by the Vietnam Embassy in your country. More details about a license for you to practice chiropractic are available during interviews. Please prepare a complete and updated Curriculum Vitae with references